Real Life Heroes

Hero: (noun) a mythological or legendary figure often of divine descent with great strength or ability; plural heroes

Today, I was introduced to a little boy named Hero.
This was emblematic of the day as a whole, as our team had the unique privilege of spending the day with two real life heroes: Hitesh and Kajal Pandya, two amazing and inspirational people.  As co-founders of the Chaitanya Charitable Trust, the two have created a truly miraculous space to educate, promote, and provide services for the most underserved populations of the slums of Jamnagar, India (primarily in children’s education).

Our Corporate Services Corps project involves working with Hitesh and Kajal to grow one of their critical services, the “Happy Children Center” project, which aims to supplement the inadequate education provided to grade school students in the slum areas of Jamnagar.  Today, team members Keith, Peter, and I spent the day being educated, experiencing tremendous highs and lows, as we saw how the centers run, the excitement in students’ eyes and laughter, & the multitude of good deeds performed, but also the struggle of what it means to live in an area without services or representation and sadness in the depth of poverty in the poorest slums.

It was hard, and it was inspiring, and it was only day one of our on site experience.  The task at hand is certainly daunting, but after today, I could not imagine a more worthy or deserving cause.

Some of the highs and lows from today:





One thought on “Real Life Heroes

  1. Emily,
    You are my hero, you are a remarkable woman to want to help such underprivileged people. Keep up the great work but most of all be careful. Your blogs are amazing & educational to me.
    I Love You,

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