Hello Jamnagar!…Arrival, Sharing the Road, & Auto Rickshaws!

So much has happened in the last 36 hours, it is hard to believe that this is only our second day in Jamnagar!

Early Thursday morning, the entire India 20 team was united in the hotel lobby in Mumbai. It was a festive experience, finally meeting in person with this dynamic global team!!
We headed to the airport together, and in a short hour and a half, we arrived in Jamnagar! The airport is quite small (this was the only daily flight to the city from Mumbai) and deplaning on the runway, collecting our bags off the one carousel, certainly had an island feel to it.


We were warmly greeted by our awesome Corporate Service Corps local contact Kabi, who is instrumental in arranging our projects, accommodations, and just about everything else related to this trip, and we headed to the Hotel Aram.  Here is the outside of our home for the next month.


The car ride to the hotel was wild. There were cows, goats, and dogs in the street, amidst motorcycles, auto rickshaws, cars, and bicycles, as well as tons of pedestrians. On more than one occasion, the car slowed to maneuver around cows congregating in the midst of the street!  Just a few of the animals we shared the road with below:

street animal street animals

Upon checking in, we reconvened as a team and shortly after, I got to experience my first ride in an auto rickshaw (think three-wheeled golf cart).  Here Katrin and I are, all smiles for our first adventure into Jamnagar!

Auto rickshaw front1st auto rickshaw

More to come tomorrow as we start our projects in earnest, with the kickoff meeting with our clients.


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